Basketball Team Tryouts

What is different about Club V?

Our mission is to awaken humanity to rebel against ordinary performance by cultivating extraordinary effort through basketball. Because of this we are always looking for ways to improve. We reached out to some of the top colleges in the nation to ask what the best of the best are doing. Here is what we discovered:

  1. Top teams compete against better teams more often
  2. Playing against the best competition is critical to success and development. By consistently being challenged (playing against teams that play faster, higher, cleaner), you begin to play at that higher level consistently.

  3. Top teams & athletes workout
  4. Overuse injuries happen when you force the joint, muscle, and/or
    tendons/ligaments to repeat the same motion consistently in a strenuous manner. Top teams & athletes workout each day but they cross train other muscle groups to make a whole athlete. In basketball, you need explosive muscles. However, you can train muscles to be explosive without doing the same motions.

  5. Top teams & athletes work on skill development…a lot!
  6. Teams may only practice 1 time per week but their top athletes are constantly working on their own personal skill development. Either at home, in the gym, or watching videos – they spend time honing their skills via deliberate practice.

  7. Top teams & athletes make the main thing, the main thing
  8. If you have a weekend off, you take a weekend off. If you’re in school, you’re are doing school work. If you are with your family, you are totally immersed with your family. This helps athletes to constantly train at the most intense level because they learn how to be in the present moment.

    So… what makes Club V different?

    1. We place athletes in leagues and tournaments to where they are playing right outside their comfort zone. We want athletes to be pushed yet not overwhelmed. This is the sweet spot for development.
    2. We make our athletes workout. Before and after our DTS sessions on Tuesday/Wednesday’s, athletes can hop in with our trainers to do a group workout. We also provide specific at home workouts that athletes are required to do on their own.
    3. The great thing about Club V, is that once you join the Club V family, you have access to our facilities anytime courts are available. We want athletes to be gym rats and work on developing skill. We also have our DTS (Developmental Training Sessions) that specially work on a players technical skills that will also provide the speed / agility to them.
    4. We focus on helping athletes prioritize the most important things in their life and help to focus on being in the moment. Whether that is being “all in” at practice or totally immersed and focused on getting their home work done, we help them make the main thing their main thing.

2019 Basketball Tryouts

August 16th – 17th

51 S. River Bend Way, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

August 16th
    3rd-5th Grades = 5:00p – 6:30p
    6th-9th Grades = 7:00p – 8:30p
August 17th
    3rd-5th Grades = 8:00a – 9:30a
    6th-9th Grades = 10:00a – 11:30a
(Makeup Tryout: Tuesday, August 20th 8:00p-9:00p)

Do I need to be at each tryout session?
Preferably, however we understand life exists and we are all preparing for the upcoming school year. We do ask that you communicate your intentions with the directors and/or your potential age group coach.


  • Teams will be doing TEAM practices 1 day a week
  • Along with practices there will be a Club V Basketball Developmental Training Sessions (DTS) Tue-Wed
  • Everyone that makes a team can utilize the DTS

How will teams be selected?

  • We are looking to create two teams in each age group (3rd-9th grade)
  • We will have multiple coaches and staff evaluating each kid in each age group
  • We believe in providing fair evaluations of all athletes and seeing them perform overtime. Athletes may have a great day or an off day. We know that. Which is why our tryout is two days.

How much does the season cost?

2019-2020 (3rd-9th Grades)
Uniform Fee: $150
Monthly Base: $100
League: Cost of entry fee 
Tournaments: Cost of entry fee

Monthly Base covers all training for the basketball season. Additionally we will have nutrition programs, and workouts available upon request. Please ask.

Who can I contact for more info?
Brandon Morgan
[email protected]


2-day Tryouts = $10.00

Contact Us for More Details

385-415-5350 | [email protected]

Billing Questions? Contact Valya at [email protected] or 801-635-7047

51 S. River Bend Way, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054